GJPHM will publish a special issue on UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) next year 2020

please submit your manuscript online and mention that submission for SDG special issue and which SDG goal you are including in your manuscript 

Submission deadline is 1st March 2020. Both original research and review article is accepted. 

  • Invitation for Special Issue (SDG / COVID-19) JUNE 2020


    الاخوة الاعزاء

    سوف تقوم المجلة الدولية لطب الصحة العامة
    Global journal of public health medicine.

    باصدار عدد خاص في شهر حزيران ٢٠٢٠ حول اهداف الامم المتحدة للتنمية المستدامة

    وبسبب الاوضاع الحالية تقرر ان يكون العدد الخاص ايضا حول فايرووس كورونا

    (COVID-19)اخر موعد لاستلام المقالات هو ٣٠ نيسان ٢٠٢٠

    الرجاء ذكر ان المقالة للعدد الخاص عند تسليمها في موقع المجلة

    Dear All,

    The Global Journal of Public Health Medicine will have special issue this June 2020 about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Because of the current conditions, it was decided that the special issue will also include COVID-19 articles.

    The deadline for manuscript submission is April 30, 2020

    Please state that the article is for special issue during submission process at Journal website.


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  • Crossref and DOI


    we would like to inform all our authors and readers that the Global Journal of Public Health Medicine is now a member of Crossref and all articles published previously and in the future will be assigned with Digital object identifier (DOI).




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