Editorial Team

Editor in Chief

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasanain Faisal Ghazi (View profile)

MBChB, MCommHealthSc. , cPHN , Ph.D. Public Health

Associate Professor, College of Nursing, Al-Bayan University, Baghdad, Iraq 

Email: hasanain@gjphm.org

Managing Editor

Dr. Mohammed A. AbdalQader

MBChB, MCommHealthSc. , Ph.D. Public Health

International Medical School, Management and Science University, Malaysia 


Editorial Board Member

Assistant professor Dr. Taqi Mohammed Jwad Taher Al- Khazraji

MBCHB, Arab Board of Community Medicine

Community and Family Medicine Department, College of Medicine, Wasit University.

* Associate Prof. Dr. Mohd Rohaizat Hassan

MD (USM), M.Community Medicine (Epidemiology & Medical Statistics) (UKM), Ph.D. in Medical Science (Niigata, Japan).

Department of Community Health, Faculty of Medicine, National University of Malaysia (UKM).

* Dr. Syed Sharizman Syed Abdul Rahim 


Department of Community and Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia 

*Assist. Prof. Dr. Nimetcan Mehmet

LL.B, MPH, Ph.D. in Public Health

Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University of Turkey

* Assist. Prof Dr. Nasir Muwfaq Younis

Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Community health, Ph.D.

Department of Community Health Nursing, College of Nursing , University of Mosul , Iraq

*Associate Prof. Dr. Rozita Hod

M.D (UKM), Master in Community Medicine (Env Health) Ph.D. (Environmental & Development) (UKM) 

Department of Community Health, Faculty of Medicine, National University of Malaysia (UKM)

* Associate Professor Dr. Al-Abed Ali Ahmed Al-Abed

Bachelor of Medical Laboratory, MPH, Ph.D. in Public Health

Department of Community Medicine , Faculty of Medicine, Lincoln University College, Malaysia.

* Dr. Husham J. ABD Al-Badri


Director of Surveillance section/ NCD prevention & control Department, Directorate of Public Health, Ministry of Health, Iraq

* Dr. Ata Mohamad Kaisy 


Assistant Professor of Public Health and Prevention, University College of Science & Technology, Palestine

* Akram M. H. Altaher 

Bachelor & Master of Biological Sciences 

Head of Continuing Education & Community Service Department, University College of Science & Technology, Palestine 

* Associate Professor Dr. Hani Jameel Mohammad Hamad

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Community Nutrition

Department of Food Science and Nutrition / Faculty of Agriculture, Jerash University, Jerash, Jordan

* Assist. Prof. Dr. Hussein Al.Bayati 

Bachelor & Master of Veterinary Medicine, Ph.D. Microbiology 

Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, Wasit University, Iraq

Assistant Professor Dr. Dua'a F. Al Maghaireh

BSc, MSc, PhD, RN

School of Nursing / Irbid National University, Irbid, Jordan.

* Abed Elkader Yousef Elottol

Bachelor of Microbiology, Master of Biological Sciences, Arab Diploma in Medical Statistics 

Head of Medical Sciences Department, University College of Science & Technology, Palestine 

* Lamiaa S. Saqer 

Bachelor & Master of Biological Sciences

Department of Medical Sciences, University College of Science & Technology, Palestine 

* Dr. May Florence Dela Cruz Bacayo

RPh., MSPh., Ph.D

Department of Pharmacy, University of Malta